I’m monitoring the life drawing sessions on Wednesday at Gage.  First session is free!

But mostly just their heads. I’ve been really into portraits lately.

As evidenced by The Yellow Wallpaper

Hello. I know I’m a very baaad blogger. Sorry. Anywhooo, I’ve moved, so if you need my new address shoot me an email. Web site update soon. Some new art, some old art, some crappy art, it’s a smorgasbord of art. Here are some previews. Now I’m off to Spain, where I will avoid the sun as best I can.

For any imaginary people still paying attention, posts will continue to be thin and uninformative. Here are some minis I did a while ago as gifts. They are in pre-made frames from Aaron Brothers.

I’ve put up my proposed portfolio on my still-not-finished site. Take a look and tell me if there is anything that needs to be reworked or just cut altogether. The illustration section is the portfolio, ignore the rest.


The Evernerdening has ended. Because I’m tired of working on it.

Trying to work up some stuff so I don’t show up to comic-con empty handed.

There are a couple of good art programs going on to benefit animal rescue. Here are the links;



Leave a comment if you know of any more.